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Birthdate:Dec 24, 1986
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
i make a lot of bad decisions and SOMEONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT IT (THAT'S YOU) or i'll just keep doing it

i play games and work. when i'm not doing either one of these things, i'm outside getting into trouble

if you wanna play overwatch with me, hit me up. hitmanbravo#1594. i main zenyatta and soldier:76

follow me on fucking TWITTER because a lot of things are just not enough to make an entry-worthy post here with

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18 carat affair, 30 rock, @midnight, adam scott, andrew w.k., andy daly, animal crossing, arrested development, bad movies, beanies, ben folds five, bill wurtz, black mirror, blackhawks, blank banshee, blizzard entertainment, booster gold, carpenter brut, chicago, chicago cubs, china il, chuck tingle, comedy bang bang, community, cooking, cracked, cracked after hours, cyberealityライフ, daft punk, dan harmon, dan terminus, dance with the dead, dank memes, dave rapoza, david sedaris, death's dynamic shroud.wmv, dexter, diablo, dogspotting, drinking in public parks, dynatron, eric andre, exercising, fantastic four, filthyfrank, final fantasy 8, gaming, garry's mod, gtav, guillermo del toro, gunship, h3h3, hannibal buress, harry potter, hearthstone, hide, home movies, hot saucerman, house of leaves, idubbbz, interpol, j, jason mantzoukas, joy division, justice, justin roiland, karaoke, kavinsky, kung fu movies, kyary pamyu pamyu, larry david, lauren lapkus, lazerhawk, lcd soundsystem, local h, lord of the rings, mark duplass, megaman, metal gear solid, metalocalypse, miami nights 1984, michael swaim, mika, mst3k, m|o|o|n, o.a.r., orson scott card, outrun, overwatch, parks and recreation, party down, paul f tompkins, paul scheer, perturbator, philip k dick, ratatat, reading, review, rick and morty, rocket league, rogers park, running, scott aukerman, silicon valley, smoking, soldier 76, space engineers, stand up comedy, star trek, star trek voyager, starcadian, steve lichman, suikoden, superhot, superjail, team fortress 2, the faint, the league, the princess bride, the protomen, the roots, the streets, the strokes, the twilight zone, the unbreakable kimmy schmidt, timecop1983, trevor something, triptank, tv, type o negative, vape naysh y'all, vaporwave, vsauce, world of warcraft, x-men, yoshiki, zappos poetry, zelda
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